Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome to Graham February 22, 2016 Week Thirty-four

Hey y'all!

Well, I may or may not have been given incorrect information last week....... actually, scratch that.  I WAS given incorrect information last week.  My Zone Leaders thought that the Elder Nielsen I was with was the Elder Nielsen who was serving as an Office Elder who also happened to have come out with me.  Turns out, they were completely wrong.  My new companion is Elder Nielsen, but this Elder Nielsen came out three months ago, which means that I'm follow-up training him. I feel really weird with him.  It's not that he's a weird guy or anything, but it's the first time that I've had a companion who has been out less than I have.  It doesn't help that he's actually older than me! He's nineteen years old, and before his mission, he lived in Twin Falls, Idaho. We're getting along great so far, which is a good thing for this transfer!  Most transfers are six weeks long, but this transfer may end up being seven weeks long.  When missionaries first go out, they go to the Missionary Training Center (or MTC for short) for two weeks, but now, the time is being lengthened to three weeks.  As a result, we're going to have a transfer that has an extra week to compensate.

So far, I am loving Graham!  It's definitely the biggest area that I've ever been in. So far, I have yet to see the edge of our area. The Branch takes up all of Young County and part of Jack county, so I'm pretty sure that my area might be visible from space. :) 

We have some amazing people in this Branch! There's this one family that we're focusing on that's especially awesome.  It's a single mom with a sixteen year old son, a fourteen year old daughter, and an eleven year old son.  The mom, Kimberly, was baptized a few weeks ago (YAY!), and the daughter, Haley, and the son, Brandon, are both on date to be baptized on March 12th!  Things could change with them, especially since Satan really tries his hardest when people have a baptismal date, but with some faith and prayer, they'll both make that step in their lives.  We're still working with RJ, but he's being a little stubborn, like most Texans. Oh, well.  It's not like I haven't run into any of those before. :)

Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Jensen

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