Monday, February 15, 2016

Goodbye Lake Cities 2nd February 15, 2016 Week Thirty-three

Hey y'all!

Transfers are coming up this week, and it looks like I'm getting the boot. President Ames is sending me to a branch out in Graham, TX.  It's funny, I'm going from one of the easternmost areas in the mission to the the westernmost area in the mission; essentially every day, I see the Dallas Mission, but now I'll see the Lubbock Mission frequently. At least I'll be out of the metroplex and into the country now.

Now that I'm going to be out in the country, that means I'm going to be in my first car area!  Not only is it a car out in Graham, but it's a super nice truck!  It used to be the AP's truck, but now it belongs to the Graham Elders. It's pretty cool; we're one of two companionships in the entire mission that gets a truck other than the Zone Leaders, the Assistants, and the Office Elders. I've never driven anything this big before, so this will be fun!

My new companion is going to be somebody who came out with me- Elder Nielsen.  We didn't really know each other in the MTC since we were in different districts, but we got to know each other pretty well when I was in the Woodland Springs wards.  We're going to be whitewashing the area, so this next transfer is going to be SUPER hectic, SUPER confusing, and SUPER fun.

As for my last week in this area, we had lots of super cool experiences!  On Sunday, there was a less-active who we've been working with that came to church for the first time since she was baptized thirteen years ago!  I've loved working with her, but I'm sad to see that I'll be leaving as soon as she started coming back to church.  Also, this area has tons of people that are about to leave on their missions!  One of them is a young elder who gives the missionaries rides everywhere, and he gets his mission call in about a week.  Another is an older man who is the only member in his family that is about to leave on a special six month mission, which he's really excited about since he's a convert to the gospel and didn't get a chance to serve a mission. You truly do see miracles everywhere you look when you're on your mission.

Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Jensen

This is our entire zone minus two sisters

Here's the full Zone

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