Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Transfers! November 23, 2015 Week Twenty-one

Hey y'all!
It looks like the day has finally come. We had a conversation with the zone leaders and they told us that I was leaving our area. Then they dropped another bombshell on us-not only am I leaving this area but so was Elder Clark! Yep, that's right-we are getting whitewashed. It's going to be really hard leaving this area in the hands of two people who don't know anything about it. I'll be heading to the lake city Second Ward over it in a place called Corinth, Texas. My new companion
is going to be somebody named Elder Price. Personally I was hoping that I would get to be in a car for the winter months, but I am still on a bike. Oh well. There are worse things than constantly using your legs.

This week had another interesting experience in it. Elder Nielsen who is in a neighboring area was called to be one of the office Elder's. When you get to be an officer Elder you transfer over there a couple of days early so that you can learn the ropes. That's left his companion Elder Baker without any want to be with. As a result he came over with me and Elder Clark for a couple of days and we were a trio. It was pretty fun.

We made a little progress with Corbin but his dad is still being restrictive. Hopefully the next missionaries will be able to make a little more progress with them!

On Thursday we had an awesome meeting that lasted pretty much all day. We went over as a mission, about half of us actually, and we got to have a big meeting with Elder Falabella. He is in the quorum of the 70. We all learned a lot as he taught us he truly is an inspired man who helped to guide us in our missionary work. If you want to see what he's like, then look him up on; he gave a great conference talk on why this is the only true and living church.

Hope y'all have a nice week!

Signing out for the last time in Keller,
Elder Jensen.

Looks like a cup of rice makes a little more than I remembered. 
So much for small amount of carbs with my fish!

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