Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Broccoli Cheese Soup!‏ January 25, 2016 Week Thirty

Hey y'all!

This week was a really great one!  The highlight of the week was definitely on Wednesday when we got together as a Zone to watch the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast.  It was the first worldwide missionary broadcast in about a decade, so it was really cool to tune in and be a part of that.  We received instruction live from Elder Oaks, Elder Andersen, Elder Bednar, Sister Oscarsson, and others.  I truly came away feeling uplifted and inspired.

Elder Mohrmann and I had a super interesting experience when we went to dinner with one of the members.  They fed us this weird tasting broccoli cheese soup.  It didn't taste bad, but it tasted....different.  Turns out, we got food poisoning from it!  It wasn't too bad, but now I can say that I've had to eat something weird/bad on my mission.  Fortunately, when the standard of truth says that no unhallowed hand will stop the work from progressing, it included food poisoning, because Elder Mohrmann and I were able to go out and proselyte anyways without too many problems.  Just a normal day in the life of a missionary!

Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Jensen.

Here's a photo of our entire mission meeting with Elder Christofferson.  My trainer is in the second row from the front, seven in from the right; my follow-up trainer is on the second row from the top, eight in from the right; my next companion was in the back row seven in from the right; my current companion is the tall guy on the left edge of the second row from the back, and I'm in the fourth row from the front, five people in from the left.  Lots of missionaries!

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