Saturday, October 17, 2015

Half Way Through Transfer 2 September 21, 2015 Week Twelve

Hey y'all!

This week FLEW by.  We've been so busy that when we speak to people & they try to schedule an appointment with us, we often have to schedule them three weeks into the future!  It's so crazy, but I love it.  Our business has helped us to see more success, more investigators, and more blessings.  There's no way that we should've been able to even get to half of all of our appointments, but we've managed to do it with the help of God.  The other day, it was (FINALLY) raining, and we had to bike for like five miles in the pouring rain!  There's a joke in the missionary that when you drop your scriptures, your future spouse gains fifty pounds.  The only way to undo this is to either tract/bike in the rain, baptize somebody, or bike up the steepest hill/mountain in your entire mission.  Elder Griffin is really bad about dropping his scriptures-in one week, his future wife gained 450 pounds! He was very excited to get out and bike in the rain.  I figured my wife's anorexic now, because I haven't dropped my scriptures yet, and it was raining so hard, it was at least 200 pounds worth of weight gone.

We had a super cool experience this week.  The Mission President held a huge fireside last night, and we invited about twenty of our investigators to come to it.  Most of them couldn't, but about three or four of them said they could.  However, within five minutes of when we were supposed to leave for it, all of them canceled.  We were super disappointed, and really confused as to what we were going to do for the rest of the night.  However, we went out and tried to talk to people anyways.  In the short space of an hour and a half, we taught one lesson, met one person who said he would come to church, handed out one Book of Mormon, set up one appointment, and set up our first church tour.  God knew that as great as it would've been to see our investigators at that meeting, we would see SO much more success from going out to work that night.

Hopefully your week is as busy as mine was, and hopefully you'll see the hand of God in your life as much as I have!

Elder Jensen