Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Leap Day! February 29, 2016 Week Thirty-five

Hey y'all!

This week has been one of the most active weeks of my mission!  Having a car helps us to fit more lessons into the same amount of time, and I'm super grateful for that.  There's this thing in our mission called a "standard of excellence," where each companionship is supposed to teach twenty lessons each week between teaching investigators, less-active members, etc.  A good portion of the mission isn't able to hit that just because, well, this is Texas, and some of the areas aren't very easy.  However, this week was the first week out of my whole time being here that we have reached that goal. In fact, not only did we reach that goal, we exceeded it!

Elder Nielsen has a really powerful testimony, and it helps us a lot. Often, we'll be going into somebody's house to teach them, and they won't seem to be too interested, but when he starts sharing with them the witness of the truth that he has received, they perk up and listen.  We've had people who have said no to us for years suddenly accept us into their homes and commit to being baptized.  We're super excited, and we're super grateful for the opportunity that we have to see these people progress in their knowledge and understanding of the gospel.  God truly does have His hand in this work, and He will always bless us if we are faithful to Him and to His commandments.

I'm super grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a missionary and to spread God's word with those who need to hear it.  This week, several people who I admire told Elder Nielsen and I that they look up to us, and that they want to be like us when we grow up.  As flattering as that was, I know that they were telling that to us because of the mantle that we bear as missionaries. We truly do see miracles everyday of our lives for these two years, and the experiences that we're having are helping shape us into who we will be for the rest of this life and for all of eternity.

Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Jensen.

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