Wednesday, February 3, 2016

1st Baptism! November 9, 2015 Week Nineteen

Hey y'all!

This week was super exciting, because Katie finally got baptized! We were praying really hard for her, and apparently she need the prayers (once somebody commits to being baptized, Satan works EXTRA hard on them, especially when they set a baptismal date). In the week before
she was baptized, just about every person in her family sent her anti-Mormon stuff (the usual, like polygamy, race & the priesthood, eternal progression, etc.). Then, the day of her baptism, one of her dogs ran away and the other got super sick. We had tornado sirens going off all afternoon, and allegedly, the church building we were at was "in imminent danger" because of a tornado (the tornado never came :) ). The worst though, was a couple days before her baptism, when she was on the phone with her mom. She had been asking her for sometime to come, and her mom kept giving wishy-washy answers. This time however, she was blunt as could be- Katie's mom said she would disown her if she got baptized. Katie was super distraught and upset, as she very well should be. Unless her mom changes her mind, Katie & her kids might not ever get to see her or speak with her again. Although Katie was sad, she knew that what she was doing was right.

The day of the baptismal service was great, since Elder Griffin got to come and be at the baptism. It's pretty rare that an Elder will get to come back to an area he was once in for a baptism, but God knew that it would help Katie, so he prompted President Ames to say that it was okay. After she was baptized, she was confirmed by Elder Griffin, which was super awesome (generally investigators are confirmed in Sacrament meeting, but since yesterday was a special stake conference and they didn't want to have to wait two weeks, we just asked permission from President Ames. For the special situation, he allowed it to be included in the baptismal service). She was so happy! Also, on a side note, I baked sugar cookies to bring for afterwards, and it
turned out everybody liked them, since just about everybody who tried them asked for the recipe :) Thanks, Mom!

I know the gospel's true, because I've seen the happiness that it can bring to the lives of those who strive to keep the commandments. I know that the Savior paid for our sins, and because of his atoning sacrifice, we will be able to repent and come unto him.

Hope y'all have a nice week!

Elder Jensen.

That's Elder Griffin, Katie's father-in-law, Katie, me, and Elder Clark.

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