Thursday, March 16, 2017

Flower Mound Week 7! September 26, 2016 Week Sixty-four

Hey y'all!

This was another interesting week. A lot of our plans didn't work out, but we still saw some good things happen. The less active who we have been teaching didn't invite his daughter to take the lessons, and we
would have done so, but she wasn't there either of the times we went over last week. We found out that he was going to trial and might go to jail (he got really angry when his barbecue wasn't working, and so he shot it; he was being charged with "intent to kill." I'm surprised somebody pressed charges, because that's almost expected if you're a Texan), so we stopped by two days later to see if he was still there. The verdict was fine, but he was a mess. He had evidently been drinking, and he was absolutely despondent over the loss of his wife, even though she died fourteen years ago. We were able to have a great discussion with him about eternal marriage and the mercy of our living Father in Heaven. The Spirit was so strong! He didn't know what he needed to do to be sealed to her, so we taught him about that and committed him to meet with the Bishop to see what stood between him and receiving the Aaronic Priesthood (now, we didn't mention the obvious things that we already knew were, but we allowed him to discuss it with the Bishop himself). Hopefully his intoxicated mind remembered it when the effects of the alcohol had worn off.

There was another experience that served as a nice foil to that less-active's story. There's another couple in our ward that managed to get to the temple and be sealed after thirty years of inactivity. It was so cool to hear them speak about the joy and comfort their covenants had brought to them. It's been a while since I've been to the temple, but hearing their experience reminded me of the peace I've felt as I've gone to the temple. It's helped me as I go around and try to help people return to their Heavenly Father, because that's what the temple is all about.

Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Jensen

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