Thursday, March 16, 2017

Flower Mound 3rd Week 8! October 3, 2016 Week Sixty-five

Hey y'all!

This week was fairly uneventful, but we were able to see several small miracles in spite of that. There was a family that we've been trying to meet with ever since I got here, but we've had zero luck doing so....until this past week! They're a family of less-actives that got baptized five years ago, and they went inactive about a year later. They have a son named John who wasn't old enough to get baptized at the time, and he really wants to get baptized now. The only problem is meeting with them, and their willingness to come to church.....I guess that's two problems....

General conference was so good this past week! As we've gone around speaking with people, we made a special emphasis on teaching the doctrine of living prophets and apostles and modern revelation. Naturally, most Texans didn't agree with what we told them, but they were nice enough to consider tuning into general conference. We're not certain how many of them actually did watch, but we rest assured that we did our part by inviting them.

Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Jensen

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