Thursday, March 16, 2017

A cold and interesting week January 9, 2016 Week Seventy-nine

Hey y'all!

This week Texas was brought to its knees by its worst enemy, the one thing that can make a proud Texan admit defeat and cry out in silent terror and despair- SNOW.....about .6 inches of it to be precise. That only stuck on the grass. And also melted away within 24 hours......yeah....... It must be like kryptonite to them, because everything shut down. Nobody was on the streets (even though there was less snow in the streets than cars), nobody answered their doors for a few days, and generally, civilization ended. Every day felt like proselytizing in a ghost town, which wasn't very fun because it was pretty cold! Well, I mean, the coldest it got was only ever like twenty degrees, but that's pretty cold when every other day is seventy degrees and the others are twenty degrees or less. We never get used to either temperature, and we never how the day will be, so half the time we are bundled up for the hot days, and then we always end up totally unprepared for the cold days.

It was a good week though! We didn't have a lot of luck with getting investigators to church, but we did have a ton of less active members we were working with come to church! Maybe it was because they heard about the reduced time. One of the churches in the Stake had a pipe burst, and so our building took in a few of the displaced Wards. In order to compensate for the additional congregations meeting in the building, everybody only met for Sacrament meeting. We felt kinda like Baptists- we went to church for an hour, listened to a few sermons, and then immediately went home. I guess we need to empathize with all the Baptists so we can better invite them! :)

Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Jensen

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