Thursday, March 16, 2017

Flower Mound Week 14 November 14, 2016 Week Seventy-one

Hey y'all!

As I'm guessing you gathered from the subject of this email that I have stayed here in Flower Mound, but there's been a few changes. Coincidence of all coincidences, a missionary in a neighboring Ward went home the exact same day as Elder Frost, which meant that there was not one, but two missionaries lacking companions. You could say that this was just an incredible coincidence, but it is anything but that. God knew our companions would be going home, and so he put both of them in areas adjacent to each other. Now, we're sharing the two Wards, the Flower Mound 3rd and 2nd Wards. My new companion is Elder Stokes, and he is a GREAT missionary. I'm follow up training him just like I was with Elder Frost, but I doubt that he's going to have the same issues that Elder Frost did. Our first week together had been very interesting, a little stressful, a bit confusing, and super busy to boot. We've got a few wrinkles to iron out (our Wards meet in different buildings at overlapping times, we have to cancel dinner with some people in one Ward so we can go to dinner in the other Ward, the other Ward is about a half hour bike ride away, etc), but we're looking forward to an exciting transfer together.

Hope y'all have a great week!!

Elder Jensen

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