Thursday, March 16, 2017

Book of Mormon Blitz Part 2 January 23, 2017 Week Eighty-one

Hey y'all!

I write y'all at this time with great sadness in my you remember from my last letter to y'all, as a Zone we set a goal to place 157 copies of the Book of Mormon this week...and we only hit 156. Now, some people may look at this as a sign that we were not inspired in setting that goal. To them, I say this- WE PLACED 156 COPIES OF THE BOOK OF MORMON THIS WEEK!! Many missionaries in the past have written this off as a "dead" Zone where missionary work is impossible, but we just went and proved them wrong! Also, as a side note, I would like to say that our companionship reached our goal, so the fact that our Zone was 1 copy short wasn't our fault. This week we handed out copies of the Book of Mormon to do many great people we could've easily written off as not wanting to talk with us, such as a nice Muslim man, an older couple that moved here from Turkey 3 months ago, a very vocally Korean Baptist teenager, a young unmarried couple living together (the fact that they were slightly intoxicated may have helped), atheists, agnostics, a self-identified pagan, Catholics, and everything in between.

Hopefully we'll be able to keep up this incredible work we're engaged in.

Have a great week!

Elder Jensen

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