Friday, July 1, 2016

Miracles in Killeen! June 13, 2016 Week Fifty

Hey y'all! 

 We have seen some incredible things happen this week! We were super
busy all week, and some crazy stuff went down. On Tuesday, we went on
exchange with the Spanish Elders in our district, and I actually
managed to retain quite a bit of my Spanish-speaking skills......Until
we went to a Cuban family's home. Turns out Cubans speak a completely
different dialect of Spanish than all other Hispanics, and I was
completely lost. Who knew? 

 We saw another awesome thing happen when a less active member came up
to us this past Sunday and asked us to come to his house and have
dinner. His wife is not a member, but she wants to come to our church.
Before she comes she wants to be taught more about our church, which
happens to be exactly what we're here to do. We ended up teaching her
the first lesson that we teach, and at the end of the lesson we
invited her to be baptized. She answered with a resounding yes! We
haven't spoken with them about when she will get baptized yet, but we
are still very excited. Her name is Ceci (pronounced like Stacy
without the "s"), and his name is Hunter. It's weird to be teaching
someone so young. Hunter is 20 years old only a month older than Elder
Hughes. Ceci on the other hand, is 19 and they're expecting a child in
about three months so their family is already beginning to grow. 

 We had zone Council this week, and it was awesome! We spoke about
goals we wanted to set for the month of July. After long deliberation
we determined that we would shoot for a goal of six people baptized in
our stake in the month of July. Almost everyone had a name to put
forward which adds up to almost 6, but not quite. However, in the next
few days we were, as Nephi would say, "exceedingly blessed." An
investigator of ours came to church, and he said he loved it so much
that he was going to bring his entire family next week. He said that
he wants to join this church and is willing to do whatever it takes!
We also had another less active move in, and she has two grand
daughters that have already taken all the lessons and are interested
in getting baptized! We also have another investigator named Mary who
wants to get baptized very soon. The only thing holding her back is
the fact that she recently had all of her toes on her right foot
amputated, and she needs the doctors approval in order to submerge it
in water. All were waiting for with her is her OK from the doctor to
be baptized. Our goal for the zone as of Friday was six for the month
of July but now, Elder Hughes and I could potential he baptize eight
people in July just by ourselves (and with the help of the Lord, of

We are truly seeing miracles down here in Killeen, and we're hoping
and praying that nothing changes anytime soon. 

 Hope y'all have a great week! 

 Elder Jensen

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