Friday, July 1, 2016

#Hallelujah March 28, 2016 Week Thirty-nine

Hey y'all! 

This week was incredible! We had the chance to celebrate the most
sacred holiday of the year- Easter. 

Usually, we try and hit a standard of twenty lessons a week. This is
compiled from lessons with a member present, lessons in a member home,
lessons to recent converts/less-actives, lessons to active members,
and other lessons. This week, our other lessons almost exceeded
twenty! In total, we taught thirty lessons! We did our best to use the
Easter Initiative to its highest capacity, and I think we did a pretty
good job of doing so. 

Another awesome thing that happened this week was with Andrew. This
week he has completely stopped smoking and committed to be baptized!
He's getting baptized on April 30, and hopefully we'll be around for
that. Since it's next transfer, Elder Nielsen probably won't be here
(it would be his fourth transfer here), but I'll probably be here.
It's been so amazing to see him change over the past weeks that I've
been here; witnessing conversion is truly one of the best things as a

Sorry, but I can't write much this week. I'm actually writing this at
a Zone activity that we're having almost two hours away from our area,
and we're headed back soon for an appointment. 

Hope y'all have a great week! 

Elder Jensen

This first picture is a prime example of what life is 
like in Graham,TX. "Masonri."

This manufactured home actually isn't home- it's a church! Texas, especially 
Graham has so many churches that some of them are just shacks or trailers!

This week after our district meeting, we had an awesome lunch. One of the missionaries, Elder Harding (who, coincidentally was in my MTC District) is from Louisiana, and he loves to cook. We all pitched in a few ingredients, and he made us this awesome shrimp gumbo!

Typical Texas mentality. "Texas is special because it's Texas! This important thing
happened, and the world needs to find out about it, whether it's pertinent or not."
 At least they're able to hold about their attitude. :)

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