Friday, July 1, 2016

Where did all the rain go?‏ May 2, 2016 Week Forty-four

Hey y'all! 

 This was another great week here in Killeen! Unfortunately, all that
rain we were set to get in the forecast disappeared. Where did the
weather that was predictable down to the minute go from Back to the
Future II? :) 

 I've got a little more time to write this week, so I'll start off by
telling you about the people that we've set baptismal dates with.

The first one is a nine year old boy named Nicholas. He's autistic,
but he's actually really high functioning. The hard part isn't
teaching him, but teaching him in a way that he understands. When we
taught him that if you got baptized you would go to heaven, he got
really excited, but then he asked a strange question. "When somebody
gets baptized, how long do they have to be held under water?" We told
them just a second or two, which just confused him more. He said, "If
they only get held underwater for a second, how are they supposed to
drown and get to heaven?" It's going to be a struggle teaching him,
but he's always so happy and fun to work with. 

 The next person is somebody named Penelope. She's like every
stereotype of a grandmother there is. We were teaching her about the
Restoration of the Gospel, and she asked something about Moroni. We
showed her a picture of the angel Moroni visiting Joseph Smith in his
room, and this was her reaction: "I like that quilt that that young
man has. Have I shown you my quilts? I love to quilt in my spare time,
and I've made quite a few. I guess I've got too much spare time! You
boys look hungry. Do you want a snack to eat? I just made a cheesecake
that you can eat." Sometimes it hard to keep her on topic, but she's
super excited to get baptized, and she loves this Gospel. Also, she
makes a mean cheesecake. ;) 

 The third and final person we've set a baptismal date with is a woman
named Violet. She flagged down the Spanish missionaries and told them
she wanted a Book of Mormon and to get baptized. Talk about a golden
investigator! The Hermanas (Spanish Sisters) referred her to us, and
we've been teaching her for about two weeks now. She doesn't have the
greatest health, but she has incredible amounts of faith, so we're
hoping and praying that she'll be able to get baptized soon! We had to
push her baptismal date back a week because she missed a week of
church due to illness, but she's still doing her best to prepare

 We had interviews with our Mission President this week for the last
time. President Ames still has about two months until he goes home,
but all the missionaries are already starting to miss him. We know
almost nothing about the person who's going to be replacing him, but
we can trust that God has been preparing him to lead this Mission in
the direction that God intends. 

 Hope y'all have a great week! 

 Elder Jensen

Andrew (the investigator I taught, but was 
transferred before he got baptized) and Brother Silveira

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