Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Mother's Day May 9, 2016 Week Forty-five

Hey y'all! 

First off, yesterday was Mother's Day, one of the most universally
looked forward to cause for missionaries! We all got to call/Skype or
families, and we had a great time doing it. I love my family so much,
it's not even funny. 

 This week was definitely an interesting one. We had to drop Violet's
baptismal date, for a very interesting reason. She quit smoking and
drinking tea cold turkey, but she's having a lot of struggles giving
up coffee, because according to her, coffee is a sign to us from God
of the love Christ has for us. Yeah. This is going to be an
interesting experience helping her to understand the Word of Wisdom. 

 This week, we had an awesome meeting all about how we can use family
history in our Missionary work! We have an app on our iPads that allow
us to view/edit or family history and to teach others about it. I was
reading through the life story of my great grandpa Brown because I
didn't really remember much of him, and there was so much I didn't
know! He met his wife ON HIS MISSION, which is also where he courted
her, proposed to her, and gave her their first kiss and engagement
ring! They were married less than a week after he returned from his
mission by Spencer W. Kimball, a newly ordained Apostle at the time.
So cool, and so funny! 

 Hope y'all have a great week! 

Elder Jensen

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