Friday, July 1, 2016

Where do I begin? April 25, 2016 Week Forty-three

Hey y'all! 

 I honestly have no idea where to start this week. Everything has been
insanely crazy, and we're all feeling really worn out because of it
(in the best way possible). 

I guess I'll start with our dinner last Monday. We had helped this
family with yard work the week before, and they had asked us what we
wanted to eat. Elder Hughes and I both said that we didn't have any
particular requests, but then Elder Winterbottom jokingly said filet
mignon. Later, when we actually went to go eat dinner with them, we
walked in to see steak on the only Elder Winterbottom's
seat. Everybody else she oatmeal, because all of the meal budget was
spent on the steak...... Turns out the whole thing was a prank, and we
all ended up having steak for dinner. Elder Winterbottom was so
embarrassed at first, we were all rolling on the floor laughing at

The rest of this week was jam packed with teaching appointments and
meetings. The Spanish missionaries in our Zone have us a couple of
English referrals that have been AMAZING. We've started teaching them,
and they absolutely LOVE the Gospel. Our Key Indicators have shot up
as well (not that the numbers count, it's what they represent that
counts)! At the beginning of this week, we had no progressing
Investigators, no Investigators with a baptismal date, and no
Investigators at church. However, because of our consistent hard work,
the Lord had blessed us- we now have six progressing Investigators
(usually one or two is normal for our mission), eight Investigators
who came to church, and three Investigators with baptismal dates! I
know that this is God's work, because there's no way that three
nineteen year old boys would be able to do that in a year, let alone a

Hope y'all have a great week! 

 Elder Jensen

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