Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 3 August 10, 2015 Week Six

Hey there, everybody!

I'm sorry that you haven't been getting all of the emails I've sent you. I promise I'm not ignoring you.  Last week we emailed at the laundromat, so we have to use our iPads. Something's wrong with my iPad email; whenever I hit send, it says there is an error and it saves the letters to the drafts section (the drafts section won't sync with the computers for some weird reason, so I can't send you those emails with a computer).  So, that means once I get this all figured out, you're going to get dozens of emails all at once.  I'll try and retype them on the computer, but I don't have very much time to email.

Missionary life has been great. Elder Griffin and I are in the finding stage right now, and we've met some really great people so far! Even if people d on't want to hear our message, they'll invite us inside pretty often, just because it's so hot. We get SO many water bottles! Once Elder Griffin counted 14 water bottles and two bottles of Gatorade- in one day! That trend will probably continue for a long time, since this week is supposed to remain over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Seriously! Today's high is 112, and the humidity is really high too. Every time we get to a hill, we feel like we're about to pass out, since we just biked five miles from our apartment in the humid heat, we now have a hill that's about a mile and a half long, and we still have miles to bike afterwards.  That isn't to say I dislike biking; I love it! It's just frustrating sometimes, especially when people tell us that it'll start cooling down after the middle of November. At least I'm not burning anymore.  Yes, I, one of the whitest people in existence, have tanned. It's really strange.

Something really weird happened this week in regards to money.  When I came out here, I was given some money to last me the rest of the month, about $40.  For each month, we're supposed to have $135 to spend.  They didn't give me my money for the month this time; instead, they just refunded me the $60 for my luggage.  I had about $100 to last me all month.  Then, this week, after I had already spent some of my money on groceries, they gave me my monthly $135! Now, I have about $200 to last me about three weeks. I won't blow it all, but it'll be nice for buying lots of food like rice & pasta in bulk.  Maybe I'll go with Elder Griffin and some Elders who live in the apartment below us to get In N Out at the end of the month.

Hope you're having a great week, and that I can resend those emails to you quickly!

Love, Elder Jensen.

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