Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 2 in Texas! August 3, 2015 Week five

Hey everybody!
This week was so awesome! I had my first exchange, which was really interesting, since my companion right now is a district leader, and my companion during the exchange was a zone leader. We did lots of biking this week, which I love; it's been about four or five years since I last rode a bike. I'm still getting sun burnt really badly, but at least it doesn't bother me anymore.  Down here in Texas, everybody loves hearing about Christ, but they don't ever want a return appointment. They just think of us as people who go around and remind people of Jesus, not as people who want to teach and convert.  I've gotten really good at that first discussion! It seems like it's the only lesson we've taught. In fact, the only time we taught an investigator a lesson other than the first was yesterday, when we taught a lady the second.  Her name's Liliani, and she immigrated here from Brazil about fifteen years ago.  She loves when I show her things that Victoria says in Portuguese, since that's the only chance she has to see her native language.  She has an interesting family story- she moved here with her husband, got divorced, married another man who was divorced and had two kids (fifteen year old girl and a twelve year old boy), and now they have a sixteen month old together.  Her stepdaughter's in a bit of a sketchy situation, but we're praying with Liliani that it can be resolved soon.
We have another investigator who's a really interesting guy. His name is Kaven, and he loves the Mormon church. He's pretty interesting; he believes in God, but not that Jesus was the Messiah.  He studies the works of Josephus, the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and many rabbinical teachings. According to him, Jesus failed in his role as the Messiah, there was/will be no resurrection, there will be no second coming, and there was/will be many Messiahs.  Part of his problem is that he seems to value apocryphal and historical writings more than he values the actual Bible; in fact, he doesn't even believe Paul said. He believes that Paul was corrupt and couldn't be trusted.  He wanted us to show him scriptural evidence that Jesus was the Christ, and so since he loves studying, I offered to lend him my copy of Jesus the Christ.  Since I finished it, there has been no doubt that Jesus as our Savior.  When I offered to let him borrow it, he got really excited, because he had seen it referenced in a book he read, but he hasn't been able to find a copy.  Hopefully he'll gain a testimony of Christ!

I love you all and hope you're having as great of a week as I am!
Elder Jensen.

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