Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015 Week Eight

Hey y'all!

This week was awesome, but I had to do something really sad.  We've been teaching a French exchange student named Greg who was living with the Bishop in our ward.  He was really receptive to hearing the gospel, and made lots of progress.  We asked him to pray about what we were teaching every lesson, but he always said he was too scared to.  He's not scared to pray, but he's afraid of the answer he'll get.  He says he believes what we're teaching him, but wants an answer from God about it.  He says if the answer he gets is that this church is true is negative, he'll feel confused and sad.  On the other hand, he said that if he does believe it's true, then he'll have to tell his family that he no longer wants to be Catholic, and he will be leaving the only church he's ever been a part of.  Teaching him was great, but saying goodbye was really hard; he headed back to Paris yesterday.  He said that he'll pray about it once he's home in a situation he feels more comfortable in.  Hopefully he gets in touch with some French missionaries! Greg's already reading the Book of Mormon and he kept almost all the commitments we gave him, so I can't imagine that he won't get baptized some day. 

We also talked to Kaven some more this week.  He's progressed a lot, and he was PUMPED to read Jesus the Christ.  He now accepts Paul more, and he also loved the concepts we taught him about authority and the priesthood.  Kaven asked us how we felt about the rapture.  When we explained our stance (that we believe just the opposite, that the righteous will remain on the Earth while the wicked will not), he got super excited and went on and on about that's what the scriptures taught, and how the idea of the rapture was born out of the misunderstanding of men.  Hopefully he'll progress even further.

We also taught Liliana (I don't know if her name is Liliana or Liliani, so I'll probably end up referring to her as either) this week. She's progressed a TON.  She told us that listens to us more than she goes to listens to Catholic people.  She said that she's starting to believe the things that we're teaching her, but she doesn't want to convert unless she's absolutely sure.  We invited her to come to a Child-of-record baptism later in September, and she said yes!  We're going to invite her to come to a big fireside that the Mission President holds.  She's having trouble finding time to read the Book of Mormon, but we're hoping that the fireside helps her.  Some of the people speaking are a couple who started reading the Book of Mormon, finished two weeks later, and then were baptized.  If she realizes that the Book of Mormon holds incredible truth, then she will want to read it enough to find time to do so.  We're trying to find her a Portuguese copy, but we only have English and Spanish copies.  Who ever thought that we would find a Brazilian in Fort Worth, Texas?

I love being out on a mission, and I know that even if I baptize all of Fort Worth, the most important convert will be me.
Elder Jensen.

The family that fed them dinner sent this. He was on exchanges

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