Monday, August 8, 2016

Progress in Killeen! July 25, 2016 Week Fifty-six

Hey y'all!

This week went by pretty well for us! We were able to keep pretty busy essentially all week long, but there was definitely a few days that felt busier than others. One of the days we felt like we accomplished absolutely nothing, but then we looked back on it, and we got about two hours of service, taught one lesson to an investigator, one lesson to a recent convert, and two lessons to members! It's crazy when that feels like a bad day, but that's Killeen for you. Missionaries are able to accomplish SO much down here, it's insane.

One of the people we're seeing the most progress with is a returning less active who is trying to get temple worthy. She started meeting with us because she felt like she didn't know things she should know about the Gospel (which is pretty true, since she's a convert of only three years who had no religious background before joining the church, and she's been completely inactive for two and a half of those three years), but now the primary reason she's meeting with us is to prepare to go to the temple. She met with the Bishop yesterday, but she wasn't able to get one because she isn't paying Tithing yet. Oh, well. Baby steps. She'll get there eventually, hopefully sometime soon! Until then (and maybe even after then) we will work with her trying to help her achieve that.

Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Jensen

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