Monday, August 8, 2016

Goodbye to Killeen August 8, 2016 Week Fifty-eight

Hey y'all!

As I'm guessing you learned from the subject, the time has come for me to depart from Killeen and head elsewhere. We got a phone call on Wednesday morning telling us that Elder Hughes would be training! Naturally, the downside to that is that I'm getting kicked out. I've spent the last four and a half months here, and I've truly seen miracles. One of the more troubled youth in one of the Wards who we've been working with a lot and gotten really close to came up to me on Sunday and have me a hug, asking why I had to leave. I told him about the first time Adam offered sacrifice, how an angel appeared to him and asked him why he was giving sacrifice. His answer was the one that I have to this boy- "I know not, save the Lord commanded me." I don't know why I have to leave when we've had so much success together, but I know that God has a purpose in all things, and that He had a work for me to accomplish somewhere else. This morning I found out where I'm headed- Flowermound 3rd Ward, back in the Lewisville Zone! It's practically next door to my second area, and there's tons of great people up there. Both Elder Hughes and Elder Mohrmann have served there, and they've told me nothing but good things about it. So, I'm sad to leave here, but excited to go to a place like that.

One of the more remarkable events of this week was a car accident! Yup. I never thought that I would say that, but it's true. What happened is we were in the right hand turn lane turning right. We had our right hand blinker on. We were in the lane farthest to the right, where nobody could pull to the right of us. In other words, we had made every indication possible that we were about to turn right short of screaming it out of giant speakers and holding giant flashing neon lights instead of normal turn signals. Then, wouldn't you know, somebody pulled to the right of us right as we turned! They pulled up on the shoulder of the road trying to sneak around us, but they pulled ahead so far forward that the front left corner of their car scraped the entire right side of our car. We both pulled over and got each other's info, and then went or separate ways. I'm glad that nobody in either car was hurt, but I feel so bad for the guy! Legally, he was at fault, but he had just bought the car days earlier and was going to his Insurance Company to get it insured the next day! The situation probably won't affect me that much considering I'm leaving on Wednesday morning, but it's still worth noting. I'll attach pictures so you can see the (minimal) damage.

Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Jensen

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