Monday, August 8, 2016

Continued success in Killeen! August 1, 2016 Week Fifty-seven

Hey y'all!

Elder Hughes and I have had a pretty good week! We've been focusing a lot on trying to get members out with us teaching, and we're doing a lot better than we've done in the past. Usually, we'll have two or three member present lessons, but this week, we had five! Granted, we didn't teach quite as many lessons as we would've liked to, but we still did decent, teaching fifteen lessons. It would've been closer to seventeen or eighteen, but several of our regular teaching appointments cancelled last minute, and all for valid reasons (like a death in the family). Oh, well. There's not really much you can do about people's lives getting in the way.

One of the people who has made the most progress recently is a woman named Virginia. She was a referral who wanted a Bible, but we ended up giving her a Book of Mormon as well and teaching her about the Restoration of the Gospel. In the past week, we've taught her the first three lessons. At the first lesson, her husband was there and he (a nonmember), helped us teach the first lesson to her. We then brought two different members with us to teach her the second and third lessons, and they went really well. She really needs the joy the Gospel brings in her life. We're positive that she has bipolar, and we're 90% certain she's schizophrenic as well. However, over the past week and a half of teaching her, we've seen her mental stability increase, and she's considerably happier than when we first met her. She was going to come to church on Sunday, but then her car broke down and her husband got arrested (for something he didn't do, so the
charges were dropped pretty quickly), so she didn't make it out. We stopped by her house after church and shared with her about how Joseph Smith was overcome by darkness before he had his First Vision, and that Satan is trying his best to stop her because he knows she's on the right path. At the beginning of this week, that would've terrified her and made her start crying, but now she said she's glad to receive an additional witness that this is the right path for her, even if that witness doesn't come from the most desirable source.

Hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Jensen

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